IR-1 asking for 4 files when creating custom IR

Hi there.

I’ve made a stereo recording of the sweep in a room. When creating the wir file, IR-1 asks for 4 files. L-L, L-R, R-L, R-R. I only have L and R.

So how do I proceed?

I’m guessing L-L = L and R-R = R
Should L-R be silent or L or R
And similarly, should R-L be silent or L or R


Ah, perhaps it’s not Left Subtract Left (L-L), but essentially a stereo version of a mono file with Left information in both the Left and Right Channel. And the same thing for R-R.

While the L-R would be standard stereo configuration and R-L would be to have the channels swap sides. So the Left information now comes out the Right channel and the Right information would come out the Left.

I imagine these configurations are for mono instances of the plugin, or even potentially multichannel version assignments.

Ah, 4 stereo files.
I’ll give it a shot

Doesn’t appear to be it.

IR-1 asks for 4 files. When I feed it the first stereo file (L-L) it then asks for 2 more files.

So it seems it need 4 channels.

That’s bizarre. I reckon your best bet would be to get onto support, someone at Waves will know. Then when you get a response let the rest of us know!!

I’ve sent them a support request.
In the mean time, I just tried importing L-L as just left, and L-R as L and R with R phase inverted and so on. Works better.
You mentioned “…Left Subtract Left (L-L)…” I didn’t catch that initially, so now I tried this.

Anyways, I’ll let you guys know what they reply.

This from Waves support:

If you only have a stereo recording, you can split it into two mono files (L and R) and load them twice or use the Efficient Stereo component, which only requires two convolutions (L and R).

More information can be found on page 8 of the IR1 Convolution Reverb