Horizon V9 plugins not working

Hi all
I wonder if anyone has a work around for my issue, im running Mac OS Catalina, logic Pro x & waves central 12 with Horizon bundle.

I’ve bought the Horizon bundle and noticed a lot of the plugins don’t work on my system…
When I go to plugin manager it shows a lot of the waves as V9.0.3.
These are the ones that don’t open in logic, even though in plugin manager they all say they are validated.
When I try open say the CLA plugins, I get a message saying I need to contact them as they need updating.

The V12 ones all open and work fine.

If I go to the individual plugins on waves website there are V12 versions available.
So why do waves bundle v9 and v12 together and not give me them all as v12. I have the update package also!!

I have uninstalled the bundle, re installed it… done all the maintenance in waves central etc.

I even uninstalled my v10 ones for now, which work fine.

Any advise?


Hi @djholsta and Welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

With the release of OSX 10.15 Catalina, Apple dropped all support for 32-bit components. Due to this, Waves V9 plugins will not work properly and need to be updated by renewing the Waves Update Plan coverage and updating the license .

From V11 and above, Waves plugins are fully supported in Mac OS Catalina, as described in our System Requirements .

Hi Gurik

Thanks for the reply.

I bought Horizon bundle last month Jan 2021, I have the update plan until 2022.
Some of the plugins that come in the bundle are V9 some are V12.
How can I update the V9 ones to V12 as there is no option.
Why did my bundle not come with all V12 versions as I paid for V12 Horizon.

I cannot see anywhere to update the individual plugins from the Horizon bundle and my account shows it is covered.

Hi @djholsta ,

When purchasing any new plugin or bundle from the website it automatically comes with the latest version of the license. It might just be that you had some plugins previously installed in an older version of the software, and since V12 license can operate older versions of the software back to V9 - these plugins are now being activated by your V12 license.
The bundle itself however did not come with V9 plugins in it, so there’s no need to worry about it.

I advise removing V9 software from your computer by following the steps provided here, and if needed - reinstalling the V12 software on your computer.

In case the issue persists, feel free to contact our Tech Support department. They will be more than happy to get you up and running with your plugins.