*help* Scheps Omni - I'm missing a critical preset :(

I’ll cut right to it; I’m lost without this preset.
On my previous computer I used the Scheps Omni Channel on my mix bus and used the preset Fixing for a Mixing, and it was perfect for what I was doing.

Since migrating to a new computer and reinstalling all my Waves plugins, that preset is no longer there, and it’s really messing up my week.

Does anyone have this preset still and if so, could they provide a screenshot of the settings so I could save them to a new preset?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @bringmeshaunsolo,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

Maybe try and check presets by Brad Divens: FixinToGetMixing.

Hopefully thats the one you were looking for.

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Sure was! Thanks so much!!

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