How to set knobs to "FOCUS" (blue) in Scheps Omni Channel?

Hello Waves!

I bet you have a hidden feature in Omni Channel to set certain knobs to register as blue in the “focus” mode.

Would you be willing to share this secret, so we can use it in our own presets? If this was meant to be secret, I think the plugin has been out long enough now that you could safely share it with those of us who rely on it.

It is a true gem of a plugin, and if anyone reading this doesn’t have Omni Channel yet I highly recommend it. IMHO it’s the best channel strip on the market.

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Hey @JunkyardSam,

Currently, this Focus option is only available in factory presets and cannot be changed/added to User presets.
But, it sounds to me like a great idea!
I will change the category of this post to ‘freature requests’ so it will be seen by developers and considered


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