Help! I can't listen to videos and play MIDI to record at the same time

I’m using a Soundcard, Soundblaster X AE-5 ASIO and I can’t have more than 1 of the programs running. I’m using the Program TracksLive to record, and then a Program from Waves for the MIDI keyboard I want to play. If I try to open TracksLive and set my System Settings to my soundcard, it says that the device is not working properly and will switch back to None when I have the other program open. It’s very frustrating and I need this fixed so I can start making some music!!!

Hi Culisome,

  1. It seems like you are using Windows, and the SoundBlaster’s Audio Driver for Windows does not ‘Multi-Client’ compatible (meaning, it cannot be assigned to more than one application and has to remain ‘exclusive’ to 1 app).

  2. Tracks Live is really supported for use in SoundGrid scenarios (where Waves SoundGrid hardware serves as the Audio I/O)…

Let’s try and re-think this:
If I understand correctly, you want to:

  1. Launch a Waves Stand-alone instrument (like Bass Slapper, or Flow Motion synth)
  2. Record the result to a WAV file

In order to achieve this,
I’d recommend launching the Waves Virtual Instrument within a DAW/Music Application -

That way, you can launch a Virtual Instrument, record the MIDI notes, and export to WAV (or record it within said DAW/Music Application to a new Channel, and ‘mess’ with it)…

Here’s a list of Fully Supported and Qualified DAW’s to run Waves plug-ins at the moment.

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