Hackintosh Catalina 10.15 / v11 Plugins - Can't Install

Yeah …

So, I am trying to get my Waves v11 Plugins installed on OS X Catalina;
But, Waves Central (latest version) reports, “please restart or contact support if repeats”

If I correctly recall I wrestled with the same problem in OS X Mojave, but on Catalina I can’t get my Realtek ethernet - card working, so I have to share my cell phone’s internet over BlueTooth .

So in Mojave I got installed with a wired network.
Would anyone have any solution to this ?

  • Tonza -

Hi, using a Hackintosh might generally work for you but is not officially supported in any way.
Your Hackintosh is currently without any working network interface and that’s the source of your problem.
I’m pretty sure there are many forums & subreddits for the hackintosh community, which might be able to help you getting your NIC working.

Yeah I agree with @krabbencutter about the “NIC”. The Waves licensing facility utilises it as a unique ID for your computer and the whole authorisation system is centred around it. If there is a problem with that, then you’ll have problems with your Waves problems.

I’m not “against” Hackintosh’s but they are notoriously problematic and generally hard to keep maintained and updated, which really gets in the way of using it for its intended purpose, making music. I usually advise against going down this path for this exact reason.

You may think you’re paying more for a Mac, but when you add together the cost of its parts its roughly worth the equivalent off the shelf PC. The other thing people seem to miss is what you get on top of a high quality build is the guarantee that it will be supported for a number of years, not just Apple, but all the third party application and plugin developers as well. Consider also how much you could be earning with the time saved by not spending countless hours messing around with your setup. This kind of assurance is worth the extra overhead alone. Unfortunately, none of this helps you now. :thinking:

My advice to you would be to get your ethernet card working.

I don’t think this forum is a good platform for that, though. Try a Hackingtosh forum, get your card working and we’ll try to help you sort out issues from there. :wink: