H-EQ Useful Tips

  • To the left of the spectrum analyser is the decibel scale, if you drag it up you can increase the vertical zoom on the display. This allows you to better see and manipulate curves at levels lower than +/- 3dB or so.

  • The Digital 1 filters are a very different beast, and can be a little confusing when first using them. They are better for creative applications rather than surgical tasks. The Q controls the amount of tilt or slant of the bell/shelf shape, rather than manipulates the bandwidth. It can be useful in emulating Pultec-like dip & boost eq curves.

  • Digital 2 is the goto filter type for clean up tasks and surgical work

  • The H-EQ Q parameter doesn’t display your typical Q settings, but a percentage based on the original filter it is modelling. However, I have found though at around 12 o’clock it seems to be pretty much the equivalent of your typical, moderate 0.7 -1.0 Q setting. …except for Digital 2. It allows for more higher, surgical Q settings. It’s equivalent of 0.7-1.0 seems to be around the 8-9 o’clock position. As a surgical, subtractive Q it is quite handy to begin with it at 12 o’clock, however.

  • Clicking on a node first, then the keyboard will cause the node to jump to that particular fundamental frequency. If you want to target the 2nd harmonic, go up an octave If you want to target the 3rd harmonic, go up a the octave + a 5th.

  • The THD can be increased up to 1000% for creative purposes.

  • H-EQ Lite does everything its bigger sibling does except the THD. If you want to reduce overhead and/or latency and don’t “need” the THD feature, then that would make it the more ideal choice.


@simon.a.billington great tips man! Just let me make small correction :male_detective:. 2nd harmonic is octave up, 3rd harmonic is that octave + a perfect 5th up :slight_smile:


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Thanks for sharing, Simon :sunglasses:

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Great tips @simon.a.billington Thanks a lot :grinning:

Damn it. You’re right. How did I miss that?!? I’m fixing it!!

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