Neat setting for gentle EQ in AR TG Mastering Chain

If you’re a fan of AR TG Mastering Chain, give this a try for wide, GENTLE eq shaping.

For your default EQ use these settings for EQs:
#4: Frequency=4.1khz / Q=HIGH (shelf)
#2: Frequency=724 / Q=LOW (shelf)

Ideally you don’t need much EQ on your master bus. This gives you incredibly gentle overall EQ shaping, which is ideally the kind of gentle moves you make on the mix bus… And it leaves two EQs & the PRESENCE knob for any final narrower corrections.

BONUS: Some people would object to filters on your mix bus, but if you set the LowPass to 20khz and HighPass to 40khz, the filters round off the extreme ends of whatever you do with the shelves.

The magic of this is you get really wide and gentle EQ correction – similar to a TILT but with more control.

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I find it interesting that your Low shelf is all the way up at 714Hz. Am I right in thinking that it pretty much adds weight to the whole mix when dialled in??

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Yeah! I guess my point is “all the way up at 724hz” isn’t quite as high as it sounds considering the gentle shelf.

For example, if you do +2dB with a low shelf at 724 – the high center point of the +2dB boost is actually at 40hz with the filter off! But it ramps up, so you’d have +1 at ~440hz or so.

With the filter on “LOW” (minimum) the peak is at 30hz, and with the filter at 40hz it centerpeaks at 90hz, rolling off to the original level by ~41hz. So if I use this technique I keep the filter on at 40hz.

So that’s really my point – if you were to use the low shelf on the bottom EQ with its highest setting of 128hz, even then the push is REALLY low… It centers at 20hz with the filter off, and 25hz with the filter on LOW. That’s great if you want a deep low end boost…

But to get a tilt-shelf like EQ, the numbers in my original post seem to work best… Which I think a lot of people wouldn’t figure out unless they were prompted to try it.

The AR TG Mastering Chain and Scheps Omni Channel 2 are my two favorite Waves plugins. They each have some really interesting nuances to their use, making them feel interesting the way hardware felt before I sold it all!

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I figured this might be the case, though I wasn’t really picturing the centre point being around 40Hz. I was guessing around 200-250Hz!!

Really insightful.