Gw Tone Centric on Piano Cover

Im mastering a Piano cover and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on whether I should use Tone centric on the track.Does it make sense to use it on an individual track or should I use cobalt saphira? Although I tried using saphira but I found it just added distortion even when I had the input on green.

Hi @brendon.james413,

Cobalt Saphira is an amazing harmonic distortion generator, what it does is ■■■ nice and pleasant to grating distortion effects.
If you want to add some warmth to you mix - it needs to be at subtle settings.
ToneCentric is very subtle, even at it’s most extreme, but it really add some depth and magic to your Mix - I would recommend that :slight_smile:

Thankyou for responding. Ive taken your advice on tone centric but now Im wondering if the nls non linear summing plugin might be better. I saw a video about making a dull piano better and they used the nls, would this indicate it might be better for piano?

It’s really a matter of preference and which provides a workflow you are more comfortable with.
NLS is a powerful beast and can be used on everything.

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