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I recently purchased the Greg Wells Tone Centric and Mix Centric plugins. After some trial and error, I discovered that both of these plugins were creating a "humming " sound whenever I bounced my mixes. After disabling the plugins, the humming sound is gone. Have any of you had this issue? How do I fix it?

Hi @jonnelson1988,

Both of these plugins have a lot going on under the hood, including processes that add harmonic distortion.
If you are experiencing unwanted artifacts and humming, I’ll bet you are feeding the plugin with quite a ‘hot’ signal, resulting in harmonic distortion being added to the quieter parts of your signal.

Greg Wells plugins have a “sensitivity” LED that helps you adjust the input to the best level for the plugin to work with.
Select the loudest part of your content and loop it, then adjust the plugin’s input slider until the sensitivity LED is mostly green and hits yellow just at the peaks.

This should provide satisfactory results. Please let us know if that worked!


I’ve just discovered this too. I love what this does to my mixes, used in moderation. But I just realized there is a hum as soon as you engage the MixCentric plugin. Pretty disappointing that I can’t use it on a mellow tune. It’s loud enough where it’s just barely discernible in quiet sections. ■■■■■■.

I had the rare opportunity to chat with Greg Wells on line not long after the product released. I don’t work for Waves or anything, I just got lucky enough to be able to exchange a few words with him…

Anyway, it’s his opinion, that the hum and the noise of his effects chain is something he finds aesthetically pleasing. He said that the Waves devs approached him a number of times about removing the noise, but he insisted on leaving it in.

I’m not a huge fan of crosstalk, but I actually don’t mind a bit of noise myself. Especially in the world of the virtual studio and virtual instruments everything can be so sterile. I think that a little bit of controlled noise can add a sense of depth and realism to a track. I think it can also make for a more cohesive mix.

I only wish that they put these things on dials so you can control the amount you inject into a mix. Although I will suggest one thing at handling noise and it’s the same thing Greg does himself whenever he needs to… place a noise gate after the plugin.

It’s a trick engineer’s have been doing since way back when and it’s the sole reason for the existence of a noise gate, to control and gate out excessive noise. :thinking:

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