Getting digital noise when changing snapshots in multirack

I am having an issue with Multirack. I have an Allen & Heath Dlive where I am using the tcp/midi driver to recall snapshots from my console. When executing the change of snapshots I am getting a digital blip noise (sounds like clocking noise, but I have verified all clocking is setup correctly) I also have this same issue when trying to multitrack record. I get this same noise occasionally when playing back the tracks. I tried removing the port from my waves card to my mixrack, but then i loose the midi control ability (put a usb/ethernet adaptor on my mac mini that has multirack) Any suggestions?

Hi @rimmmmshot00 thanks for joining our forum!
I suggest contacting Waves tech support regarding this issue.
We would be happy if you will post the solution here afterward :slight_smile:

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