Multirack native problem

Have been using MR Native with an M32 periodically for a few years with no issues. Last two attempts to use have not gone well. Yesterday I’m processing on maybe 6-8 channels total. Vocals, (F6, Kramer Pie) Kick (API 2500), snare (CLA76) and bass, also CLA76.

All going just fine. Then, notice bass channel passing audio but CLA76 not working at all No levels, controls have no effect. Weird. Didn’t;t have time to see if same was happening with the other plugs as I was working on soundcheck, just switched out of MR quickly. This happened last time I used it as well and I seem to recall that some were still working, others not. No system or memory issues evident.

Mac Mojave 10.14.6. 2.9ghz i9 16G memory. Multirack 9.80.13

Any thoughts? Thanks