Who recognizes this audio issue

Here you can watch 15 sec of the livestream broadcasted last sunday when a strange audio issue can be heard. It is intermittent and we’re trying to troubleshoot.

Does anybody recognize this? Welcoming any troubleshooting ideas and suggestions for possible causes.

Thanks a lot!

Setup: Digico S21 (with Dante card), WSG heartech bridge and LV1 with superrack.

Somehow the system won’t let me insert a hyperlink to a 15 sec clip of the livestream. Will try to find another way to share the clip

have created an MP3 file of the event but the system won’t let me upload that either. How to get you guys to listen to it?

maybe post the hyperlink w/o “http://” ?

@jacob.freeke , i think new members of the forum are not allowed to post links (probably to reduce spam). I think I can, so you can send me a hyperlink, and if I don’t see a violation of the forum rules (see *1, especially copyright) I can post it on your behalf.

*1: Terms of Service - Waves Community Forum

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Hi I tried but it doesn’t allow me.

You can send me an email: Jacob.freeke@gmail.com and I will reply with link.

on behalf of @jacob.freeke : this is the clip he mentioned in the first post and wanted to share:

My first assumption: it is a clock issue …

Hi @jacob.freeke

Since this issue can be related to multiple seniors, I suggest contacting our Tech Support to get specific assistance in this matter.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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