Clarity RX DeBreath (plugin request)

Hi, I hope someone from Waves reads this.

I recently wanted to use a DeBreather, but they all have their downsides. I tested Waves, RX and Era. I don’t use this on clean vocal tracks, I use this on podcasts, youtube etc. There is always something playing in the background, like music, gameplay etc. And normal DeBreathers duck the whole audio which is very distracting so it’s better to deal with the breathing than with the constant audio on/off bouncing.

My propose is that we need a new neural network (AI) DeBreather, that is simple to use, like Clarity RX. My idea: with Clarity you can seperate vocal from background. Do that, apply a new DeBreather model to the vocal track and output the fixed vocal mixed with the background sound. This should you give a better experience, no audio bouncing.

You could expand this idea to MouthDeclick etc. you know the drill.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey there… It would be great to see something like this happen.

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