Frequency Tilt: F6 behaviour similar to Elysia

Hi All
Im always trying to trim down the list of plugins as it so focuses use and creativity. Elysia have an incredibly simple and great sounding freq tilt plug. Essentially just have a hinge frequency and a single knob tilts the spectral balance.
I find it incredibly useful for managing proximity on eg large format ribbons, especially in MS and F6 is always my preferred go to BUT Im finding sometimes just a linear tilt works beautifully especially in more sparse mixes and with bass/baritone voice amidst more clouded low mids eg double bass etc

  1. What are suggestions for the most minimal 1 knob translation of this to F6
  2. If there are noneā€¦could I suggest a great feature that is simply a hinge point tilt eq ype

Cheer and greetz from Oz

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Unfortunately I can only think of a solution that uses two bands, shelf filters actually. both set to the same frequency, with a very low Q, one boosting, the other one cutting.

Although, you could use StudioRackā€™s Macros to make this and even simpler solution.

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