Q10 UX Simplification

Love the q10 and used it since 2005:grinning:
I have always found the various versions ie Q1, 6 etc very complex as it ends up have a bundle of extra plugins for no reason (that I can see). I have been going through a simplification purge myself and after a long break…things are much clearer with all my tools…
1. What would be really nice, as q10 has floating bands, is a fold down revelation of the bands as needed. This would negate the need for all the other versions
What I mean is, each row is hidden (and possibly deactivated) until needed. This means the default might open to eg 2 rows. Add/reveal row and another becomes visible until all 10 bands are visible
That would make only 1 plugin in needed called ‘Q’
Presets would simply recall the number of bands visible and their respective settings
2. Desperate need of MS handling along with L+R
3. Selectable linear/coloured filters



I would also add an analyser.

Yeah you are right…I was hassling sonnox for that as well. With zoomable range. Sonnox supresser has a brilliant ranging window

You can kinda do this already.

For example. If you have a Q2 open in ProTools and need another couple of bands. Just Click and hold on the Q2 and change it to a Q4…and your settings are carried over to the newly instantiated Q4.


Thanks mattrixx…nice trick
My main point is I guess that its essentially the same unit with different numbers of band…so rather than have all those choices in the plug list, it made sense that, as with normal UX, stay in the one place and make the interface elegant. I think all the versions are more a hangover back in the day when we use to choose based on optimising processor loads…thats a long way in the past and just no need for it now, if you know what I mean. I had the original Native Power Pack which had all those variations for the reasons mentioned.

Yeah good point. I guess you could delete (from the plugin folder itself) any of the other iterations with less bands than you’d ever need, to declutter the plugin list, however, probably not worth the effort.
I personally don’t have an issue with it. I’ll often have Q4 in a SoundGrid chain for notching chores and sometimes I’ll to a Q6 if I need a couple more filters.
Not a massive issue, but I do understand what you mean in regard to processor optimisation etc.

Yeah it’s not a huge issue…just nice to have…however ms and rta is a big deal because the workarounds get annoying and ms is a pretty simple addition imho
After sorting through the whole left/right brain/workflow understanding, it does help to be minimal and not only increases enjoyment but engages the creative process much more…so my main underlying motive is a bit wider than may be obvious :slight_smile:

I totally agree with the previous posts to clean up the plug-in list by having only one Q-plugin with switchable bands.

However, I stumbled upon a trick in Logic like the one mattrixx described with ProTools. A bit different, but simple, too. For example, if you have a Q2 open in Logic: copy settings of Q2 by using the buttons of Logic’s internal plugin-window, replace the plugin with Q4 and paste the settings. Now, the settings are transferred to Q4.

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Agreed, plus I like the analyser idea too.