External Hard Drive Waves License transfer

Man i need help. I have this Seagate external hard drive that has been formatted to exFAT. It shows up under connected devices in waves central on my macbook pro 16 inch, but it DOES NOT show up under connected devices on my windows 10 computer. I want to transfer my licenses to this external hard drive but it doesnt show up on my windows 10 computer. I plugged in a USB flash drive and that shows up on my windows 10 computer and my macbook pro. How come my external hard drive wont show up on my windows 10 computer under connected devices? ANY help would be appreciated, thank you :confused:

Hi @mistahkamp :slight_smile:

Note that we tested and qualified FAT32 USB Flash Drives (thumb drives) formatted as in this article.
Make sure to backup any files prior to formatting a drive.

Other storage devices might work fine, however, we do suggest using known manufacturer USB Flash Drives.