exFAT Support for Waves Licenses on USB Drives!

FAT32 just doesn’t cut it anymore. With Windows 10 supporting exFAT out of the box, it’s the new standard for moving files between a PC and Mac. exFAT works as intended with Waves Central for MacOS. Would Waves consider exFAT format support in Waves Central for Windows 10?

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Hi @Andresehn, Welcome to Waves forum :slight_smile:
There is no problem using exFAT file format when one needs to work with 64 bit Mac/Windows systems. Yet, exFat will not cover all the use cases, i.e. Venue v3 consoles running on Windows XP.
The recommended file formats are available at this link.

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Please elaborate! In my experiences, I have no problem installing my licenses onto an exFAT USB drive when on my Mac. However, when plugged into my Windows PC, I do not see my drive listed in Waves Central as an acceptable destination from my license cloud. Are there any next steps that you can recommend?

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