Emotion ST/LV1 3rd party plugins / SGS native / small LV1 / upgrade paths

  • I could imagine that in a rack slot of an emotion ST/LV1 you could call any 3rd party VST/AU plugin (like in any DAW) which then runs on the control host (not on the SGS). Maybe just a limited number (not all 8 slots every channel :wink: and of course the host has to be powerful enough

  • are there plans for a native “SGS” so you could run a small mixing environment - let’s say 12 mono channels and with only 4 slots each - in native mode on only one machine. Probably latency has to be increased then too. But host and server on the same computer would be a saver for small setups

  • a smaller/reduced LV1 could double as a budget entry-level version of LV1 like the emotion ST 8ch :slightly_smiling_face:

  • in my opinion the time period for a LV1 demo is not very long when you want to check with some touch screens or control hardware. Maybe it could just mute audio after some time but still continue to work for the rest (GUI, midi I/O) ?

  • maybe I miss it: is there an upgrade path e.g. from Superrack to LV1 (16ch) to LV1 (32ch) to LV1 (64ch) ?