Preset management system for xps preset files such as firefox bookmark management

Dear community,

i migrated from windows 7 to windows 10 lately. I have installed and migrated ten years of studio work and needed 3 weeks to install everything and rescue most of my good presets, settings, plugin chains, sampler software from all the well known vendors and so on…

Today i learned a little, how to load the presets from REQ4 into Cubase and Sound Forge Pro 15 from my old win 7 xps files.

Req is my standard goto EQ for every Project since years :slight_smile:

I found out, that i have 338 user presets.

Scrolling them is a nightmare in cubase. So i got the idea i wanted to tell you:

Can you create a universal preset management tool? I mean it should work such as a browser tool for user bookmarks.

Thus it would be great to load the individual xps file from C:_Users_Public_Waves Audio_Plug-In Settings

edit it with windows and save it again.

In my case i am sure, i do not need 338 user presets. And renaming every single preset is a nightmare, to create something, that is working for the new search tool/preset browser via “explorer search” / naming conventions.

I mean, i surely know, which presets i will need and which one i would delete. Think about marking 250 presets at a time and deleting them with one click. Rename 30 presets such as Voice Over_artist_ Xy and a preset search via “VO_…” is a dream. I own Mercury and Abbey Road. I cannot reorganize everything with your actual system, but it is a good step forward.

And it could be a super great one with such a tool. Or you could expand your browser management with a further button…

„manage user settings“ and open fullscreen …

I am sure, a lot of people all have the same problem – they have hundreds of presets…

Best and have a good start 2022,


Hi @heikoklueh :slight_smile:

Note that we had improved our preset menu for working with v12 and above versions, and added a Preset Browser, which includes a search option for locating presets faster.

The Preset Browser is accessible at the top of our classic preset menu (can be seen on your screenshot).

Also, note that saving new presets using v12 and above plug-ins now creates a single .xps file inside a dedicated folder for each plug-in.

You can now arrange your user presets using folders and have a cleaner presets menu showing those.

Access each plug-in user folder by clicking the Show User Preset Folder at the bottom of your preset menu.

Older saved presets can be loaded, however, as those were saved in a single .xps file it is not possible to split those into different folders.

More information on the new Waves Toolbar is shown on this link.

Hope you’ll find it useful :slight_smile:

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Hi Omry,

thanks for your comment. This is super useful and i still explore the new possibilities.
This is a huge step forward and keep an eye on re-organizing the last 10 years of preset creation.
Opening a full screen manager would be awesome. Buit i will still discover…

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