Do I need to upgrade to v11?

Hi everybody,

I am the proud owner of a bunch of Waves plugins.
I once upgraded them to v10, so all my plugins are v10 now.

Now I want to buy some v11 plugins.
Does that mean that I will run into problems with the v10 plugins?

In other words; does buying a v11 plugins force me to upgrade the other plugins to v11 as well, in order to both the new plugin and the old ones I bought before?

I want to be sure about this, because upgrading will cost me $240 :grimacing:

If your system and DAW are compatible with both V10 and V11, there is no need to update your existing plugins from V10 to V11 if they are not covered by the update plan, they can co-exist without any issue.
Simply follow these steps.

Consider, though, if do find you “need” to update to V11, consider upgrading to a bigger bundle that has all your plugins in it instead. That way your plugins get “wupped” and you’ll get additional cool, new plugins that will come along with it.

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