Demo License Generated Automatically Inside Waves Central

The Universal Audio UAD plugin manager has this incredibly convenient setup where you can scroll through their huge list of plugins and click “activate demo” on any one of them and it will install and activate a demo license for that plugin.

Just now when I went to demo some new plugins, I had to:

  1. message Allan on the bottom right of the website
  2. ask him which plugin I should use for a purpose
  3. go to a page on the website for the product
  4. click download demo for that product
  5. Waves Central tells me that I don’t have enough space even though I just cleared space. (doesn’t appear to be recalculating that)
  6. close and restart waves central
  7. click on the plugin I want to demo in the list
  8. click install and activate

ALL. OF THIS can be eliminated by having the Waves Central app which already has a list of all the plugins and the ability to install them simply generate a demo license alongside the download in the list.

I initially tried installing via the plugin list… and then had to go through a 15 minute process just to test one plugin… this should be made more convenient, and I believe it will result in more sales. potentially substantially.

Thank you,

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You’re right, it does seem needlessly complicated and very old fashioned now.

I actually think people would buy more plugins if they weren’t easily deterred from testing them in the first place. So, yeah, it does make sense to have the demo licenses automatically generated and downloaded from a simple click within Central. :thinking: