Delay on groups


these days there are a lot of streamings.
to sync everything to the video we need to delay mics/vids/… differently.
so now you have to delay every mic on the channel.
it would be much faster that you can delay you mic group.
at the moment the delay groups function is only direct on a real hardware output.

so simple routing for example
6 mics
4 video inputs
2 zoom inputs
the mics go to a group mics
the video go to a group players
the left right go to video mixer
you need different delay settings on the mics then on the players


Have a look at their InPhase plugin, it’s pretty much a glorified delay plugin with a few handy tools designed to help align signals and keep things in phase.

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Hi @rafvanhoof and welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting idea.
I’ll make sure to forward it to the relevant personnel here at Waves.

You can also add it as a message to the comments and suggestions section on the Contact Us form (under Other Contacts on the bottom) on our webpage.

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