Waves J37 Tape Saturation Plug-in Changing Delay Time By Itself

Since I purchased, installed, and began using my new Waves J37 Tape Saturation (VST) plug-in, I have noticed that while recording my songs, it has been automating itself independent of my input. Not just while I record but all of the time (so long as I have the plug-in open). I use Ableton Live 11, and the constant automation of the variables “Delay Time L” and “Delay Time R” makes it so that when I want to Command + Z an error, I will have to press it dozens of times to undo all of these delay changes.

Does anyone know the cause of this and if I can put it to an end?

Hi @bobeybeats,

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If you open a clean new session and import the J37 is this reproduced ?

It sounds like you may have recorded automations (maybe they are hidden) on the mentioned session which is way plugin parameters are being tweaked as you play back.

If you still struggle to get this solved you can Contact Technical Support for quick assistance.

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It does sound like there’s some automation hidden somewhere playing its evil tricks on you. Or perhaps there is another plugin modulating the parameter of the J37. I know it’s possible in Logic, I don’t really know if it is possible in Live, though.