Waves Plug Ins Continue to Be Active After Stopping in DAW

Why do Waves Plug Ins continue to be active even when I press stop twice in FL Studio? For example, if I have a FL stock Delay on a mixer track, when I press stop twice, the plug in will stop and there will be no more delay feedback. Now compared to a Waves plug in Delay pressing twice does not do this and the delay feedback continues until it’s finished (This goes for all plug ins but obviously more noticeable when you’re using delay). Is there any way to have Waves plug ins act the same way as stock plug ins when you press stop twice?

It’s not just Waves plugins, there’s quite a few other developers that will program their plugins to do the same thing.

It’s actually useful to those who work live be it engineers or musicians. When a song ends and the project stops playing you don’t want all those nice trailing reverbs and delays to be cut off dead. With a few exceptions thats generally a sound no-one wants. Its much better if they finish trailing off. It sounds much more professional too.

I imagine this is why developers opt for this method.

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