Newbie: 3 plugins for talking head videos

If I have to choose 3 Waves plugin to use for perfect audio in talking head videos, what should I choose?

Currently I can buy two, get one free (from certain list).

My setup is Sennheiser MKE 600 via Elgato Wave XLR.

I have a bit of echo in the room where I record my videos.

Haven’t decided yet if I want to use Final Cut Pro or Davinci resolve for editing.

I’m editing on a Mac Mini M1.

Thanks in advance from a total newbie in sound editing :slight_smile:

Stop spaming my thread if you don’t have an answer.

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Stop spaming.

you spend all your comments here and in other posts writing about your problems with Waves. Create your own post.

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False, but ok, this ends here, I deleted my posts. Good luck using incompatible products, Final Cut Pro and Waves Plugins on your Mac M1 as you specify in your post.

Hi Konto,

Welcome to the Waves Forum.

Since both the DAWs you mentioned are not officially supported or qualified to work with the latest Waves V14 I would advise on first trying our plugins before buying.

We do Support a large variety of other DAWs Audition and Premiere might be more suitable for your use case.

In terms of recommendations, I would highly recommend checking the Clarity VX Dereverb to get that echo eliminated from your recordings, as per other recommendations for plugins, it really depends on what you’re looking to improve or treat specifically.

For Vocals, I normally use the CLA-2A regularly on my vocal/speech chains.

Lastly, a good Eq IMHO is always good to have around for multiple purposes, my go-to is the F6 Floating-Band Dynamic

Thanks for the reply, bad and good. When will you be supporting FCA or Davinci Resolve?

Welcome, no ETA we can provide currently for supporting the mentioned DAWs.

Ok, so you don’t support two of the most used DAW’s for video editing? I will look around for some other vendors.

Thank you.

Indeed. Make sure you try before you buy, at least in the interim.

In terms of plugins, I agree with Adi, with Clarity VX Dereverb. If you have a lot of issue with background noises then I’d consider looking at its sister plugin Clarity VX Denoise.

F6 is indeed a powerful plugin, but because of its extra flexibility it makes it much easier to make something sound worse than it did originally. If you’re really confident with using a parametric eq then I would suggest getting it as a next step forward.

Vocal Rider is a good choice for transparent volume control over your dialogue. Renaissance Vox is also another compressor worth consider getting. It’s designed for voice and its easy to use. In fact you can possibly use these both together for optimal control.

If you are working with recordings where people are up close to the mic as you get with ADR sessions you might want to consider a Deesser. Sibilance and Renaissance DeEsser being the top choice.

Lastly Scheps Omni Channel is a powerful channel strip that acts as kind of a powerful multi-tool that covers most of what I discussed in a single plugin. It has an eq, a compressor for shaping the dynamics DS2 will handle deessing tasks. plus it will allow you to insert a 3rd party plugin, maybe Vocal Rider, to help complete your chain of tools. It doesn’t do denoise or dereverb tasks, however.,

If you trial any of these plugins make sure that you check to see if there any added delay introduced by plugin latency. It will really kill a project if all your dialogue falls out of alignment with the picture.


I have been meaning to tweak my chain and submit it to Studioverse, but I have been doing cleanup on some old VHS tapes with architecture lectures at the University I work at, and have been using the following chain in this order for restoring some of the (exceptionally) bad audio:

Clarity VX
Clarity VX De-Reverb
Vocal Rider
WLM Plus (using the limiter to keep the series of videos level)

I am not a forensic audio guy (I am actually an academic librarian) and a former (now hobbyist) musician and I have found these all work really well for my needs. I have been using Premier Pro because the Uni I work for gives Creative Cloud licenses to all faculty and staff.

Best of luck!


Cool stuff @skish3 would be great if you can make this chain public and share it with us.

If you need any information about making chains public or sharing them feel free to go over the following information.


S’up Stevo!!

I just wanted to chime back in because I realised I forgot to address the potential of “plosives” as a result of the mic being closer in proximity to the talent, as with sibilance, but it’s a different side effect.

If you start running into both plosive and sibilance issues it would be worthwhile having a look at F6, which was already mentioned.

True, it can be really easy to make things sound worse if you don’t know what you’re doing, but that’s when its time to learn. Check out the presets it comes with and any tutorials you can find online about how to use a dynamic eq to control plosives and sibilance.

You can also see if there is anything here to help you out…


Hi @Konto,

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