Crashed Validation

My SSL EV2 plug-in(Stereo) doesn’t work in the Logic pro X. In the plug-ins manager, there is a ‘crashed validation’ sign. How can I get help?

In the plugin manager, select the SSL EV2 plugin so it’s highlighted. At the bottom of the plugin manager, select “reset and rescan selection”. That should revalidate the plugin.

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Hi @leo021010

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I suggest following the steps at the How to Find Your Plugins in Logic Pro X

Hope it will help. :slight_smile:

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Yeah as Houghton suggested, find it in the Plugin Manager, select it and redo a Rescan. Short of that, try a Restart.

I know that plugins periodically fail Logic’s Validation on launch, but then pass it after a Rescan. I don’t really know what the issue is. Restarts are sometimes necessary, though, as I’m thinking it has something to do with issues with permissions and security. At least that’s one theory.

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