Clarity Vx, Logic Pro X, MacBook Pro

Just bought Clarity Vx and its giving my a “Crashed Validation” message. Ive tried reset and rescanning in the plugin manager and restarting Logic. Any suggestions?

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I’ve got the same thing happening. Emailed support a few days ago and not a word since. Hopefully will hear something soon.

Same here. Please provide a solution.

Turns out, ignoring the issue, letting Logic to fully load and then pressing “Reset & Rescan” in the plugin manger fixes the issue, at least it worked for me. Screenshot attached.


Hi @kowbnd, and welcome to the Waves forum.

Crashed Au validation can be normally solved by a deep rescan which can be found here.

Sometimes a simple reset and rescan from Logic’s plugin manager works, but we always suggest going over the complete article steps I have posted above.

Hope that fixes the issue or future ones where Waves cannot be found or are not successfully validated.