Cosmos sample import issue


Ive had cosmos adding my sample root folder for hours and its not added even 1 sample, the root folder is on my D drive and cosmos is installed on my C drive, cosmos is running as admin,. As i have to run ableton as admin due to some bridged plugins, if i run cosmos without admin i wont be able to drag and drop samples from cosmos to ableton.

However if i go against waves advise and load a sub folder it imports no problems, just not the root folder, admittedly its a very large folder at 799gbs (i should sort it out), but I would’ve thought something would’ve imported within the 3 hrs its been going??

All my samples are wav and midi.

Is this a massive bug, if so it needs sorting ASAP as cosmos is currently useless

System is windows 10, fully upto date, full genuine version of ableton 11.

Any help much appreciated.

A folder that size would take many hours for Cosmos to analyse. Are you sure that it’s completed the process?!?

Try the tips at the bottom of this thread…