COSMOS “Changes were detected in your folders.”

I have been following threads in this and other forums and have a ticket in with support. I started with V13 of cosmos when I brought the CR8 sampler and was constantly get the error listed in the subject. This would also bog down my system and eat up are 6 to 8 gigs of RAM. I have an M1 Max and my laptop pretty much never gets hot but this application running in the background would make it get hot so i uninstalled it. I recently decided to upgrade to V14 on all my stuff and thought there might have been some type of change in the application but it seems to be running almost the same as if nothing was really updated and again it makes my laptop get hot. I have about 1TB of samples collected over the years I broke the samples folder down into smaller folders of about 50 GB each. Most of the other sample mangers do an initial scan than they allow you to do a manual scan when you want I wish waves had this instead of the constant scanning in the background. The changes to folder message after hours to days of scanning is also annoying due to the fact I know there are no changes. Has anyone been able to solve this issue


I’m having this issue too and am going back and forth with support about it. So far we have not been able to zero in on a fix. I rebuilt the database a couple times and noticed it would never do this until the first time COSMOS would freeze or crash or anything unusual happened, at which point it will have some kind of issue again afterwards.

On this run of trying to re-build it, whenever a legitimate change is applied in one folder it will re-scan a whole bunch of other folders for no reason and scan them incredibly slowly (when they only took a few minutes to scan initially).

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I guess my big issue is the fact when it does this it also start consuming massive amounts of memory and when it freezes again it holds this memory and causes my M1 to get hot which no other program has made my Macbook hot…


Yes, it’s a bit of a greedy program in that it uses all of the resources available on your system. I don’t think that’s very considerate design for a recording studio. In my activity monitor I can see it using pretty much all of my cores fully while it’s scanning. I can’t use virtual instruments at all while this thing is scanning.

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This might help other users in the meantime- I’m continuing to work with Support and it appears there’s a long list of activity that can corrupt the database and require completely starting over. From what I’ve seen and what they’ve suggested,

1- never scan more than 4 folders at a time
2- never close the app while it’s scanning (if it crashes, same deal)

They told me they’re working on these issues. I haven’t been able to get to the bottom of why a change in one folder requires scanning 3-12 others but hopefully they can figure that out, too.

I had asked a few questions also and this is the replies I received

-Are there limits to the amount of folders or folder sizes with COSMOS (best practices)?
No, however folders bigger than 1GB should be scanned alone, meaning that it’s best waiting for their scan to finish before moving on to the next folder.

That said, please note that Cosmos supports WAV, AIF, OGG and FLAC files up until 60 sec’ length, and I believe these type of files that weight 15 MB are longer than 60 sec’.
For example, a 50 sec’ long WAV file is about 9 MB.

Are there any files types during scanning which can causes issues (txt, mid, jpg in folder)?
Cosmos should skip these kind of files, and the scan shouldn’t stop due to them.

every single one of my folders is over 1 GB I mean most sample packs are close to or over 1 GB so I think you should probably scan 1 folder at a time… This would take weeks for me I have 1.5 TB of samples created and collected over the years

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Thanks for adding that info. It’s good to know it should be skipping incompatible files.

I know it’s not the official recommendation but I find ~10gb in a single folder to be the threshold above which it scans too slowly to be practical. If they can fix the “database corrupt when a scan is interrupted” issue then it shouldn’t take too long to scan a library. Ideally it would use a queue system but it sounds like they’re working on that from what Support has said.

Hopefully they can also fix the issue where it scans unrelated folders when a real change is detected in one.

So I scanned my largest file alone and it picked up all but 44 of the wav files. I went through the COSMOS.sqlite DB and found that the files with a duration in finder of Null where 42 of the files and the two of the files with a duration of 59 where the others. I guess I will just go one by one and see what I have in about a week lol