Sync Problems between IOS-XL and Dante DVS in SuperRack

Hello everyone,

I repeatedly had problems (clicks and pops) in using SuperRack with an IOS-XL Server and DANTE DVS.

Because the console only has DANTE (and I don’t have a DANTE WSG) I used DVS.

Even I hat the mixers word clock connected with the IOS-XL and all set to slave, still got clicks.

Trying the same with LiveProfessor I didn’t have any issues, but (with StudioRack inserted) lot latency.

I use it on a Mac with macOS Catalina.

Edit: I used two different NIC, one for DANTE DVS one for SG, both approved for the use with resp. networks.

Hi @pete.j,

Please note that SuperRack SoundGrid is only supported with SoundGrid interfaces.

We do suggest integrating a Hear Technologies WSG Bridge for Dante unit to convert Dante to SoundGrid in such setups.

Note that running with SuperRack Native (without the server) should work properly with a non-SoundGrid I/O (ie DVS) as the Audio Device.

Regarding StudioRack latency, note that integrating a non-SoundGrid I/O (ie DVS) with the SoundGrid Driver to work in a DAW, will introduce latency, due to the double round trip using two audio drivers.

Such integration (ie SG Connect) is Officially Supported within these DAWs for editing/mixing proposes only running with a SoundGrid Server.

Hope that clears things out :slight_smile:

Hey Omry,

thank you for your reply.

It is kind of odd, that SuperRack SG let me select an I/O device which (at the end) isn‘t supported.
Regarding Manual it should be possible to also route signal via SG Connect, so in facts it‘s not?

Regarding Heartechnologies WSG: I‘ve ordered one, but this unit has issues (different story).

Hi @pete.j,

You are more than welcome.

Note that all SG Interfaces were tested and qualified to run with SuperRack SoundGrid.

We don’t block the non-SG I/O option in SuperRack and LV1 Mixer so that users could have the ability to configure it and test sessions while not in front of the console.

That said, while performing live show/stream/recordings, we do not recommend using untested & bridged interfaces, to ensure optimal performance of our systems.

As a side note, the clicks and pops might be related to a clock mismatch between the IOX-XL and Dante enabled console.

Although such a setup was not tested and qualified with SuperRack you can try and connect the two devices over Word Clock and see if the issue is solved.

As it still might introduce latency, we recommend running with SuperRack Native which should not show all of these issues running with your I/O.

Lastly, in case the issue with the WSG Bridge for Dante unit is a technical-related issue, I suggest contacting our Tech Support team to assist with pinpointing the culprit and advise.

… as I wrote in my original post: I did clock IOS-XL to Word Clock (coming from the console), all devices were on 48kHz.

So at the end the answer is no: SuperRack SG is only working properly with SG I/O devices (which is tragic indeed).
As freelance sound engineer it’s impossible for my to have a SG card for whatever mixer brand the rental company brings in.

add: for sure I already contacted Waves Support.

Something like the MGB/MGO can get you 128 i/o at 48khz into SuperRack via MADI BNC/optical. You can also use that for multitracking with SoundGrid driver or virtual soundcheck. A wide range of consoles have native MADI ports or MADI expansion cards so it can fit into many different setups.

Maybe the best solution for that is to start using LV1 :wink:

But until then…what are your device clock settings in SuperRack’s setup page?
Do you have more than the DVS & console Dante IO in Dante controller? if so, is the console dante IO set to preferred master & enable sync from external?

Hello TYG,

I have a MGB and use it since it was released - and yes - some consoles have MADI (like the DiGiCo SD I work with, where normally Waves I/O is build in), but fe. Soundcraft Vi x000 have only optical MADI or Yamaha PM/CL only have DANTE - others only have MADI (like A&H dLives) if the have an extra MADI card.

So yes - I now and use MGB; no it‘s no solution in many cases as the consoles are more often equipped with DANTE cards than with MADI.

Thats why I asked for DANTE not for MADI.

And yes - there are often like 10-20 DANTE devices in the network. Normally the console or the Matrix are Clock Master.

As I wrote: having a Word Clock connected to IOS-XL from the Console (which was Master for 15 Devices in that case, like Shure Axxient, Monitor Console, PA Controller, break out boxes, etc.) didn‘t help.

Using SuperRack without Server helped, but was not what I was looking for (stable realtime use of some Waves Plugs as I normally do on my DiGiCo SD console).

He Pete,

I completely understand you’re talking about Dante for a reason, not knowing you I couldn’t really know if you’re already aboard the MGB train! BTW the MGR unit can house both BNC/Optical ports…but it sounds like you’re working a lot with Yamaha so that won’t be relevant if there’s usually no MADI IO.

It does sound like the bridge is the best solution here. What kind of issues did you experience with it?

Hey TYG,

yes I know, it’s kind of difficult if one doesn’t know each other (we all know the “ups, I forgot to plug in the cable” type of guys).

As said, yes there are often Vi3000/50000 (with only optical MADI) or Yamahas or A&H dLives (mostly just with a DANTE card rather than a MADI or Waves card) and so on.
I bought my MGB just when it was released (there was now MGR at that time) and as I own a DiGiCo myself I choose MGB over MGO.
Thus the unit isn’t that cheap (even I think it’s worth it) so buying another one isn’t high priority as I don’t get any paid for bringing my own Waves rig on most of the respective shows.
Also, I have a Proton, which for just a few channels or a WLM+ in master is enough and fits into my tool case, so having a MGR or WSG Bridge is kind of “odd” (even I know it works) as it breaks the concept of small form factor (which would’ve worked with DVS as it’s just a second Nic for my laptop). Using the IOS-XL because I though WordClock could solve the issue (but it did not).

So conclusion is: there is no really mobile solution (Proton-Server and a laptop, maybe a GS108). I always need to carry a I/O device which is (if the resp. console only has DANTE) at least a 1RU/19" unit. Not what I was looking for …

Thanks for your efforts.

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