Waves freezing or crashing LOGIC X PRO *FIXED*

I just purchased my first Waves plugins (abbey road emi 12345 & CLA effects) and every few minutes the GUI of the abbey roads plugin would crash Logic Pro X.
First, I reached out to tech support and they provided some generic steps to fix the issue and none of them worked. (I even formatted my macbook pro and reinstalled logic)
I dug around the net for a while and opened the plugins in a text based mode and they worked fine.
I’m sure there’s another name for this mode, but I cannot think of it at this time. I also noticed online that people were updating graphics card drivers or cards on pc’s to fix this issue.
Using a macbook I really didn’t have this option and I use a USB-C hub with all sorts of things plugged into it. (Audient interface - external drive - secondary monitor - laptop power - and a AKAI sampler)
My monitor is used for gaming also, and has a refresh rate of 144Hz for my pc gaming build.
I simply dropped 120Hz down to 60Hz on the second monitor and ALL IS WORKING WITH NO CRASHES.
I guess the GUI of the plugins cannot handle that refresh rate?
Look, I wanted to throw my computer after 8-10 hours of playing with it but I had to share this if anyone is stuck like I was.

Happy Mixing. Happy Recording. Happy Internet Dives.

-J Bad

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Hi, thanks for sharing the issue and the solution. :slightly_smiling_face:
This is indeed an expected behavior as a refresh rate of above 60Hz is not yet supported.