Is Clarity VX still the same version?

I got Clarity VX about a year and a half ago. It used to work miraculously. It got rid of voices in the same room I was recording in. Since I reinstalled it in another lap top and then a desk top, it no longer cleans like it used to. Since I had to download it from the site again, what’s to say it’s still the same software that I installed when I bought it? Did they water it down?

Hi @Vmtz2001,

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Clarity VX was released in V13.

No changes or updates should render the plugin less effective, on the contrary the process should maintain or improve as the software is updated alongside other fixes.

If you are having trouble removing noise or you think the plugin does not perform as it should, I suggest to Contact Technical Support directly for assistance to further investigate this, they will be able to guide you over the email if required.

Have you tried changing the Neural Network mode. They can have a big impact on the sound. Also make sure the bands in the display above are dragged all the way to the top. At least to start with.