Clarity series make cubase crashed

Every time I start from the template at the first time in cubase12, as long as there is a Waves Clarity series in the template, it will crash. No issues with other plugins.The steinberg reply me like that“ The issue seems to be on the plug-in side. Waves should fix it.”.Can anyone tell me why and how to solve it? Thanks a lot .

Hi @1757899627,

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Does Cubase crash also when inserting Clarity to a new empty session and not a template?
The format you are loading Clarity in those templates is critical, you can verify you are loading the correct format in your DAW by checking our Supported Hosts page.

I’d recommend reaching out to Technical Support directly if the issues also occur on a new empty session with Clarity loaded in the correct plugin format.

Thank you for answering,only in template,or when reopening a project containing clarity.mostly ,it will crashed in the first time,it can be opened the second time,It can also operate normally in a new empty .My computer system is win11 22H2.That makes me quite confused