CLA Nx overloads


How do we deal with the different levels from each monitor selection?

If I select the CLA 10’s they output at one level, the Boombox is a much lower level and selecting the Mains overloads my output.


There will be a discrete difference in levels between these monitors as that’s the way they would sound in CLA’s space. The Boombox just won’t be able to output the same level as his main studio monitors. There is, however an output you can use to turn the mains down a little so the don’t clip the output.

The other thing you can do is calibrate the levels yourself so they are more consistent and save them as presets. You can then switch quickly between those and even use the history backward/forward button in the plugin to quickly navigate between the settings after you have recalled them.

Thanks Simon. I opened for the preset method. It works well.

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No probs bro. It’s one thing to have this kind of privileged access to copies of CLA’s gear, it’s another thing to use it in a way that more suits our own methodologies.

It makes sense we have different preferences, we’re not clones after all.

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