NX needs an updated Desktop Client now more than ever!

Hey guys! Congratulations on the CLA NX release. It’s amazing. All the NX VSTs are outstanding.

However, to make mix decisions in these plugins you REALLY need to “learn the room” just like you’d learn a room in real life. The best way to do that is by listening to music through the “rooms.”

Routing Spotify, YouTube, etc. through your VSTs is no easy task though!

An NX desktop client exists, but it’s TOTALLY DIFFERENT from your more premium VSTs. It’s hardly even relevant to the VSTs.

I own all the NX VSTs and I would use them a lot more if I could listen to them through my desktop. I think a lot of people would. (This is why Sonarworks has a desktop client, for example, but they don’t offer the incredible room simulation that an NX plugin does!!!)

CLA NX desktop! Ocean Way NX desktop! etc.

Better yet? What if we could run any Waves plugin for desktop audio? I’d love Q10 for EQ control…

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You could do that with the Soundgrid Studio Mixer.
Need to have at least a small Server though.

An NX desktop app (with spatial audio support of course) connected from e.g. the Dolby Atmos renderer’s output (with a “through” function to connect the NX output to your physical speakers as well) could be a great tool for monitoring 7.1.4 mixes on headphones

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