Cla NX ambience fine tuning

Hi, i’m using Cla NX which is great and works very very great, but i’d like to fine tune the ambience a little more on the low side, i think that’s the ambience is a little too much vs the competition software - it’s already possibile to tweak it lower than the 60%?


Well you can turn the Ambience knob down, but if its minimum is 60% hon there isn’t really anything much you can do about it. Bear in mind that CLA’s actually studio would have 100% of that ambience and he is obviously successful in being able to work in that space.

Could it be though, that the presence of the extra ambience might be highlighting that maybe you have too much reverb in your mix??

Thanks for your reply, i think that everything relate to the fact that i like the crossfeed feature more than the “room sound”, that’s all! Anyway with a little reduction of the ambience works better for me, i think it’s also a very subjective and psico-acoustic matter (we’re wearing headphones and so too much room, even if it is well reproduced, seems unnatural). It is a very interesting topic, though, thank you!

Hi @ermanno.novali,

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Thank you for your feedback and suggestion, it is an interesting topic and I agree it is very subjective.
We value all suggestions and do our best to implement these in future product updates and releases.

Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree its actually an interesting topic and one that is more complex and subject to a lot of subtitles.

This is early days though. As time goes on, more research will take place and our understands from that will be implemented into all sorts of solutions, even if it is just a plugin “upgrade”. Fortunately, computers will get more powerful too, so the solutions they implement can eventually be just as detailed as the subject is itself.

Atmos isat going away any times soon either, so thats an entirely new “monitoring” topic. To be honest though, Atmos can only be implemented so far. Many households don’t have the space or funding too place like a dozen speakers all over the place. Any emulated solutions are limited to one person, one set of ears. So watching something at home in Atmos with the whole family will only be a realisation for the extremely well off households.

For the rest of us it will be regular “stereo” soundbar viewings.

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