CLA mixhub crashing logic pro 10.4.8

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased CLA mixhub and love the sound, however, it seems to have corrupted one of my Logic X projects, and giving me the error message: logic quit unexpectedly using mixhub plugin. I suspect it might be the lite version causing the problem.

I’ve tried resetting Logic preferences, it didn’t help. Now strangely, when I open an empty project and open a single insert of CLA mixhub lite, and then proceed to open my corrupted project, it DOES open. However, after saving a new version, the same error happens again. So I can only open this project with another project with mixhub open. Anyone having similar issues? Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @mathijs.tieken,

Please contact our tech support team to investigate this.

I’m running Logic myself. I’m not in front of my computer right now, so I can’t check at the moment, but I’ll double check MixHub in Logic the next moment I get.

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Oh, I did check this the following day, it it slipped my mind to post my observation. Sorry about that…

I checked both the standard and light version, I also did a bit of copying and moving around of plugins trying to trigger a crash, but nothing happen. I’d say it’s likely to be conflict on your system somewhere.

You don’t per chance have an older an newer version of this installed??