CLA Epic >> CLA EffectHub?

CLA Epic and/or EchoSphere would be totally more usable if they were broken down into separate plugins. The reason is this. To have the same workflow as CLA in the depth videos I should be able to send my snare drum to rev B, C and D but the vocals to A, B and D. And since Epic is a 2 in/2 out plugin, this is not possible. Also CLA in his depth videos says that if you put reverb on your vocals its better to put reverb on the vocals’ delays too. Having said that you should be able to send your vocals to Reverb A as they are, then the same vocals in any of the delays that also go to Reverb A, so both main vocals and the delays have the same space… But now to send something to a reverb device it should first go through a delay device. If Epic was split into 8 separate plugins OR 1 single plugin where you can set which 1 of the 8 device you want it to be BUT from that one device you can control the other lets say 7 devices (like mixing in buckets with CLA MixHub) then Epic would really be a killer. So if Epic was made in the fashion of MixHub you could send anything you want to any device.

Please forward this to a developer.


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