Can you add Bandcamp to "add your social media links" in your StudioVerse profile?

Soundcloud, Spotify and others are options in this field… can you please add Bandcamp as well? That is pretty much exclusively where I publish my music out of.



Hi @skish3,

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I will make sure to pass on your suggestion to the team.

Good suggestion.

Curiously, do people do collaborations on Bandcamp?? I’m also curious whether there film/tv/gaming professionals who try to enlist the help of composer/musicians, or does that kind of thing not happen there??

I am actually not sure how one collaborates on any of these platforms, but I did do a remix once for a friend and generally talented dude and it is on his collaborations album on Bandcamp. For some reason this forum thinks I am a new member, so I can’t post the link, but if you go to Bandcamp, look up the artist Garbageface, the album Eighteen Trumpets and the track Killed With Kindness (lunapier remix). I did the remix for that song a few years back.

Yeah I realised I was crossing my wires and asked a really dumb question. It seems I was thinking of Bandlab, not Bandcamp.

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