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Here is a place where we can share our music that we make! Feel free to post SoundCloud, YouTube, or whatever other format you have your music stored online. Please only post ORIGINAL music by you. Also, please don’t a link to a site that will require someone to have an account to listen.

Here is another song from my latest instrumental album, “When Words Fail.” This song is called “Foreshadow.”


Hi. This is not a newly recorded song, but one of my quieter ones.
I had some help with some guitar by Mesh from the Cakewalk forums.

All the best

Here is my latest song called, “Soar.” It includes an extended intro. The radio version won’t have that, nor the extended break before the final verse.

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This is the latest collaboration with friends in the USA and Scotland.

All the best.

Dude. This rocks! Who did the video? That’s really cool also!


Thanks :sunglasses:
The video is done by James Griffiths (guitarist) of an animation film he found online, and cut and pasted it to fit the music.
He’s got a whole library of these animation films it seems, because most of the time he knows what video to use when a song comes close to finished :+1:
All the best.

how do you upload a song? cheers

Hi Bazgoku,
Welcome to the Waves Forum!
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Hey! Welcome Bazgoku! Looking forward to hearing your song!!

Can I?

This is my latest song. I originally recorded this back around 2000. This is a completely redone / reimagined version of the song. When I originally recorded it and released it as a single, I was told it was “The perfect synthpop ballad.” The current album I’m working on is called “Revitalized” in which I am taking my very first album, along with a few other tracks and redoing them from the ground up. This was one that I felt really needed a “redo”, so I redo’ed it. :slight_smile:

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That sounds cool. Electronic music sounds quite nice.