Brauer Motion constantly crashes

Hi there. Love to be able to use the Brauer Motion Stereo plugin but find it constantly crashes whilst I am adjusting it’s parameters with my DAW playing. Been using it for about an hour and it has crashed twice, closing down Reaper. I have always had this problem with Brauer Motion Stereo since I bought it a few years ago, so never really used it. Will try using Reaper’s “Buggy Compatibility Mode” and “Dedicated Process”. No problems on my PC with the other 100 or so Waves plugins I have used.

Brauer Motion version with bug:
VST3 Stereo Waves Build 142082 64bit with Windows 10 (latest updates) and Reaper 5.99
VST2 Stereo Waves various previous builds 64bit with Windows 10 (latest updates) and Reaper 5 .??
Not used any other versions so cannot comment on them.

Don’t really expect anything to be done as there is no mention of this bug anywhere else. But maybe others have the same issue?..

Hi @hesnotthemessiah,

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What you are experiencing sounds like a local issue on your system
I suggest that you contact our Tech Support, they will gladly assist you in troubleshooting this issue, and find its cause.