Big Slur 11.6.1

Hi waves user legends,

Is there any movement on the updates for 11.6.1 Big Slur for V13? Its killing me and wished I didn’t get my new Mac book Intel with Big Slur installed compared to my old dead MacBook ( didn’t have a choice)

Does anyone know when a useable update maybe released? When I went into my plan and Upgraded also to no prevail. Not compatible with 11.6.1 and nothing is listed or any leads on a release.

Kind regards


This may be of no help, but all my WAVES plugins are working perfectly on Big Sur 11.6.1

When Apple introduced Big Sur like a year ago they had dropped 32-bit and tightened security to help protect our information. This created a few issues that developers had to address except for all those defunct indie developers that didn’t care enough about their users to update their plugins to 64-bit, but thats on the developer.

The security thing was only a problem in the first few months, Big Sur has been working fine for audio for most of the year and introduced performance improvements too.

I’ve been in Big Sur for a while and have many plugins from many devs and they’ve all been working fine, including V13. To be honest, I’m not sure why you’d be experiencing issues, unless your DAW isn’t compatible with 13??

There is a Repair option in Central’s Settings that MAY work, or the Organise feature. As it can become problematic if you have more than one “version” of the same plugin installed.

Oh Big Sur also has a 11.6.2 update now. Idont think it will fix you issues, but still worth trying.

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