AR RS124 bouncing with long release times: initial loud gain

Bouncing files with RS-124 long release times cause first second or two of audio to be louder before “grabbing” and pushing down gain. The workaround is to “burp” the compressor by feeding it audio then quickly bouncing before the gain reduction has time to recover towards zero eliminating the initial over-loud start.

Using Auto Hold doesn’t work well as it parks the gain reduction at 15 on the meter and if audio is below that, GR never goes much below 15.

I suggest adding to the RS-124 what the old analog Orban compressors called “Idle Gain.” Idle gain sets GR to hold at a pre-determined GR value/threshold. It’s similar to Auto Hold but the initial gain reduction can be set, like for example 10 dB or 7 or whatever you want. This will eliminate the RS-124 GR to fall below set threshold, eliminating the over-loud initial seconds of audio.

Unfortunately this is the artefacts of the real device. Imagine how the engineers must have felt back then without the features we have today to help try and reduce these kinds of abnormalities!?!

Have you tried automating the Input Control??