Update suggestion for F6 Floating Band EQ

I suggest that it would be nice to have a “Make Up” switch and control, for automatic gain makeup that is controlled by the compression circuitry. I believe I mentioned the SSL G Bus Compressor as an example.
It has such a control as well as many other 3rd party software and hardware units. Many guitar compression pedals also have that feature built in that raises the softer signal levels up to lessen the dynamic range of the overall signal up to a nominal gain closer to the average RMS value of the complete frequency range of the processed signal.

That is the best way I can describe it. This was just a suggestion to make the F6 even more versatile.

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I agree too, even though I often find myself disengaging auto make up as, in my opinion, they can be a bit too over zealous making things little louder than necessary as louder will always sound better.

I do believe that its an option that should be available for others, though.