Abbey Roads Studio 3 - disable room simulation

It would be nice to have an option to disable the room simulation independently of headphone EQ correction. Of course we can disable a plugin as a whole, but it will disable EQ correction too and makes it difficult to compare/analyze the sound with and without room simulation.
I do understand that the mission of the plugin is to simulate the room, but since the headphone EQ is there…

Hi @veenee,
Nice request and it will be passed on, but indeed the mission of the plugin is to recreate the spatial acoustic response of speakers in a room over any headphones. I am not sure this feature can be added.
This can benefit you by helping your mixes translate better to speakers, whether or not you also use EQ correction.

You can use Abbey Road Studio 3 or Nx to add spatial acoustic response to your headphones, and add EQ correction on top (whether using this plugin, or other software).

That being said, in order to benefit from these plugins’ spatial effects, EQ correction is not necessary

Sure, EQ correction is not necessary but is already there. And more than that - Waves Nx product already have this feature, called EQ solo. It disables room simulation leaving eq correction as is.

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