CLA Nx Not Running In WaveLab 11.1

I am unable to run the Waves NX ‘CLA’ room simulation for headphones plugin within WaveLab 11.1
Tried in different slots/groups but always get the message as per screenshot below.
I do have the original generic NX plugin and also the Nashville Ocean version, both of which do run fine. Also have run the CLA version in past versions of WaveLab, so am basically stuck now. Help please if anyone has had the same problem or a potential fix.

Was there an update to WaveLab recently that may be triggering the issue??

It doesn’t appear as if WaveLab is offical supported either…

However, Cubase an Nuendo is. I wouldn’t think that WaveLab’s requirements would be that different from them. The trouble is you might not get much help from Tech Support with an unsupported DAW. Though, you can always try…

It seems that Waves only supports up to WaveLab 10 at the moment - Noam from support pointed me to the relevant web-page about currently supported DAWs after I submitted a support request. He could not say when they would be supporting WaveLab 11 unfortunately - hopefully not too far off as version 11 has actually been out for a while now.
I should have updated my post on this forum to reflect that, apologies to all, very remiss of me!
Phillipe Goutier on the WaveLab Forum (forum user PG1 and the designer of WaveLab!) asked me to pass on to Noam and Waves that they were welcome to a new copy of WaveLab, so I did do that :grin:

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At least its on Waves’ agenda and Phillipe was all too happy to help out. It’ll definitely happen, it’s just a matter of time.