2013 Waves Bundle - compatible with High Sierra?

been getting back into music production during this covid time. computer and operating system are ollld (yes I am still working on OS X Lion…I knowww…!) does anyone know if the waves bundle i got in 2013 will be compatible with High Sierra (the most recent OS that my model of MacBook Pro will handle)? or will I be able to update? or will I need to start from scratch? thank you in advance!

You do not need to start from scratch - you still own the old license/s, they need to be updated.

The version you had back them will not be supported in any contemporary OS or DAW version.
Please locate you Waves login name, log in to your account and check out the Waves Update Plan cost: https://www.waves.com/account/get-waves-update-plan. once you purchase coverage for your license/s you can update tto the latest version here https://www.waves.com/account/get-latest-version

V11 is supported on these systems: and these host applications.

If you need further info or assistnce in this process, I suggest you contact our sales team: https://www.waves.com/contact-us

got it, thank you so much!!