Existing plugins with newer M1 Mac compatibility

Hi all,

I’m sure I’m worrying over nothing, but I bought my plugins to use on a Mac mini with an Intel i7 chip. I have V14, but will they work with a newer M1 Mac mini (Ventura OS) or will I need to pay anything to upgrade them?


Hi @adrienne,

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Yes, V14 licenses should work fine on OS 13. You can always verify if your licenses support your OS version by visiting our System Requirements page.

If you ever need help setting your Waves plugins feel free to Contact Technical Support for quick assistance.

I’m running a MacStudio M2 myself and v14 is working fine under Sonoma.

As a side note, though, some devs are putting out warnings against updating to Sonoma 14.4 as of yet. It seems the update breaks functionality with PACE/iLok licensing.

Waves doesn’t use anything like that themselves, but you may have other plugins that do.