You Raised the bundles up 50% and then gave 50% discount for final holiday deal, and say this is a deal?

I’ve been watching the holiday deal countdown with interest in buying Horizon bundle (which always seems to be $276.00). I was pretty sure there was gonna be something good on the final day.

Sure enough checking I saw 50% on all plugins and bundles!!! Yay!

Only, you raised the bundles up 50% so that the discount is basically not applied for the bundles… Booooooo!!! (horizons was $274, then you raised it to $549 so that you can half it back to $274 again… ■■■■)

This is disappointing. Cheap marketing tricks at it’s finest. If your not gonna discount something at least be transparent about it and not pass it off as discounted when it’s really not. (The perpetual 93% that you always give it is a given) Let’s not insult our intelligence.

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Lol. you guys also do this with numerous individual plugins. Like the CLA effects plugin has been raised to $59.00 (where it was $30 before)… Is ANYTHING really discounted for the final day???

It is just semantics, really. Usually, the 50% discount is off the MSRP price. So, it doesnt matter if it was on sale for $30 when the list price is $60, or if it is 50% off the list price and ends up being $30. I think it is asking a bit much for 50% off an item that has already been discounted 50% on a different promo.

The cheaper you buy it, the less value it has. Try being the guy who bought Mercury years ago when it was crazy expensive. Well…I am that guy. But I recently used a promo to buy a second copy of Mercury, so my average price is not so bad now.

Of course, I am also the guy who paid many thousands for countless computers that eventually we just recycled. It is life, and part of the technology shuffle. At least my plugins are always shiny and new. No noisy pots or bad connectors. :slight_smile:

Personally, I actually want Waves to remain strong in business, because I like the products, and I am heavily invested in their technology. I own lots of plugs, but at the end of the day, I use my Waves plugs the most.

I still actually bought the horizon bundle. But not because of this “hot christmas deal” And I’ve also bought the latest and greatest for the bigger price. I get this. But this isn’t a matter of semantics. If something is “always” on sale for $296.00, and it never really changes then that’s actually it’s MSRP (or becomes it’s normal price). That’s really just them trying to says something is discounted when it’s not really. And that’s really my point. All this holiday countdown promotion did for me was inconvenience me and delay my purchase. When you raise the price of an item during the sale and then say that it’s on sale, but it’s still the same price it always is… well that’s not a sale, it’s a gimmick. And it’s just not honest. It’s just cheap, scummy marketing tactics.

Well…it must be a working marketing strategy, cause it has been in practice by many organizations for as long as I can recall. :wink:

Some people calculate value by something on sale. My wife falls for that stuff, often. Apparently I do too, as I have all kinds of gear and plugs that I got on “sale”. :blush:

It’s all good. I actually upgraded my Horizon license to Mercury for a great price just a few weeks ago on the Black Friday sale. I am super happy about that.

Vent all your frustration by writing a thrashing new tune. Make it even more sweet by using Horizon plugs. hehe

Well, yeah. Deceit often works. It’s all good though. I don’t have a problem with them NOT throwing a deal. There are lots of companies who just transparently don’t really give discounts. (Apple, Universal Audio) etc. This I’m cool with. It’s trying to pass something off as discounted when it’s really not, that’s annoying.

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